Save Animals Lives in Vietnam!

Vegan Rescue Shelter and Farm Sanctuary Need YOUR Help!

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Vegan Rescue Shelter and Farm Sanctuary Need YOUR Help!

Animal Rescue in Vietnam works for ALL species!

Since March 2013, Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue-US has been caring for the most vulnerable animals in Vietnam and working towards long term solutions to end animal suffering for ALL species.

At our facility just outside the center of Hoi An, we have rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed (domestically and internationally) hundreds of animals over the past 8 years. We have worked hard to reduce the number of residents through adoptions in order to prepare for a move to a different property in 2021, so we have 34 well-loved rescues of five species: cats, dogs, chickens, pigs, and hedgehogs. We have 2 onsite managers caring for them and maintaining the barn and shelter property. They receive excellent care from our staff in a clean and home-like environment and we continue to work on rehoming as many as we can.

As a vegan animal rights organization, we work for ending the use and exploitation of all animals by humankind and advocate for farmed animals, wildlife, and domestic and exotic pets because loving animals means not using them. In addition to our existing rescue shelter and Vietnam's ONLY farm sanctuary, we are starting a mobile veterinary service and veterinary training project in central Vietnam that will reach the animals outside of the main city centers and will train local veterinary graduates to the highest standards. We have previously owned the first non-profit veterinary clinic and ran our sterilization projects out of that facility in Hoi An, but sadly it had to close after 3 years.

Currently in Vietnam the dog and cat meat trade is the only method of population control for unwanted animals. There are no veterinary clinics or rescue organizations providing the training for local veterinary graduates to perform year round, mass sterilization work throughout the country that would reduce the supply of animals going into the trade. Our mobile veterinary clinic and small stationary clinic will be a center for this work, taking recent vet university grads as interns to learn international standard veterinary practices and providing continuing education programs throughout the year for veterinarians already in practices of their own.

In addition to the current horrendous level of vet care for pets, any animal that is not a cat or dog here is completely out of luck for medical care. Our vets will treat all animals of all species on equal footing, providing top level care to farmed animals and providing them sanctuary as necessary. We will not participate in any part of livestock production services, teaching vet interns instead that ALL species are deserving of lifesaving treatment and are not to ever be treated as profit machines. A chicken, monkey, snake, and dog all have the same rights to medical treatment. Veterinary care, like human medical care, should never be considered a luxury good. This is the principal on which we have always operated.

The level of veterinary care in Vietnam is extremely poor and requires a long term plan to address changing it through universities, continuing education, and a shift in focus from promoting animal agriculture to actually helping animals. Pop-up clinics by international organizations simply will not ever be able to manage this, nor will clinics charging rates no different than Hong Kong or London which prevent any locals from being able to afford care. We must commit to investing in the Vietnamese veterinary industry throughout the year and for decades to come, not just quick "fixes" that lack lasting and far-reaching impact. Please help us to build an nationwide team of a new generation of well-trained, properly-equipped, and continually educated non-speciesist veterinarians who can truly create the change we need for all species of animals.

In 2021 we are also opening a macaque rescue center that will serve as a sanctuary for these animals as we prepare them for a safe release. These primates are heavily trafficked in Vietnam and have few places to go to after confiscation anywhere in the country. We will change that!

VAAR is a US 501(c)(3) organization so all American donations are tax-deductible. Please help us to help all animals of central Vietnam who are unable to access proper vet care, safe sterilization surgeries, dental care, and diagnostics and treatment at an international standard.